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Connecting with customers has never been more crucial to your business success.

Having a persuasive message is no longer just icing....

It’s the whole CAKE.

Your audience is glued to a touchscreen all day, yet ironically, they have the attention span of a grapefruit.

You need SMART COPY that "knows" how to leverage device-addiction to your advantage.

If you want to stand out and get attention, you've got 2 choices:

1. Ask the folks at GoodYear to put your logo on their blimp. 

2. Have an attention-grabbing message that's...



​Copywriting gives you lots of amazing options:

  • Sales Pages
  • Email Marketing

  • Video Marketing Scripts
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters

  • Squeeze Pages

  • ​Blog Posts

  • Autoresponder Campaigns

  • Web Pages

  • Call-To-Action Buttons

  • Much more

Strategic copy - written by a Direct Response specialist - is a powerful tool to attract traffic and persuade them to "do stuff".

It lets you...

  • Get more sales and conversions
  • Keep customers engaged with your brand

  • Get more leads, retention, and referrals

Amazingly, your competitors either haven't figured this out, or are afraid to pull the trigger. Take advantage of their inhibition, before they catch on.  


(Getting excited? Imagine how your customers will feel...)


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Cell: 917 841 5012

Josh Margulies.

Direct Response Copywriter.

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